Sunday, April 8, 2007

St Bernard's

In honor of Easter, I thought I would post a picture of a church. This is St. Bernard's, and they throw one heavenly pancake breakfast. I grew up going to a Lutheran church roughly 5 blocks west of this one. Chris and Deb from Minneapolis Daily Photo made a joke referring to Wisconsin's love of the tavern, and that is true, but we seem to place our taverns adjacent to our churches. On this street, there are several neighborhood joints (including one that serves homemade potato chips with some of the best live music around) to go with the 4 or 5 churches nearby. As noticeable as it is in Madison or Milwaukee, it is crazier in the small towns - where the Main Street will have two churches (one Catholic, one Protestant) and two bars.
This is another slightly askew print - you would think that the rubber feet would keep the easel straight, but I have a knack.

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