Friday, April 20, 2007

Capital City Bike Path

Madison is a city for cyclists, weather permitting. We have a nice series of dedicated bike paths, and boy, are they in use. This used to be a rail bridge, but when once this set of railroad tracks were decommissioned, the city turned this stretch into a bike path. The Capital City Bike Trail runs through the isthmus, connecting east and west side. This bike trail passes, among other things, the much-debated Monona Terrace Convention Center. My one beef with this trail is that on a beautiful day (such as today), the whole world is on the trail - which is great, until some Lance Armstrong wannabe blows by the "slow" by which I mean every one traveling slower than 30 mph. Time to check the spring bike check up and hit the trails!

1 comment:

Chris Marsh said...

Spring (or early summer) is definitely in the air - this is the payoff for those dreadful winter heating bills, right?

By the way, I do love the b&w photos you've been taking of the east side- I feel like I'm the tourist taking photos all over the city, while you've put some actual thought & skill towards yours ;)

- chris