Monday, April 16, 2007

King Midas Mural - Corner of Williamson and Patterson Streets

In a neighborhood like Willy St., there are hints of its past on the sides of buildings. Yesterday, I posted a photo of its industrial past - here is a hint of its commercial past.
Willy Street still has plenty of stores - photo supply, bookstores, hempen goods, coffee houses, tatoo parlors, etc., but this King Midas Flour mural points to the old neighborhood grocer. The neighborhood grocer may be long gone, but the Willy Street Co-op is thriving and looking for a second location. If you want to see the Willy Street Co-op, go to and check out the Chad Vader shorts. Written and shot here in Madison, The Empire Market is really The Willy Street Co-op!

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Jing said...

your blog attracted me when I found here are all wonderful B&W photos....
and about your place, i think i still remember how familiar to me because we leanrt the history of American. This is a famous place for me. :))

nice to know more knowledge of this place.

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